For those who have purchased Proenza Schouler items at Target...

  1. How's the sizing? Size up? True to size? I'd like to purchase some items, but unfortunately, can't make it to a store to try on. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  2. I ordered online and what helped me was the feedback on the target website in the proenza section. Not all of the clothes had received feedback yet, so I just went with what I had read. It sounds like the bust runs small in the whole line, but everything else is true to size. Good luck!
  3. it runs oddly. most of the tops and dresses are very narrow in the ribcage area.

    I would try on first if possible
  4. thanks, everyone. I'm just concerned b/c the Behnaz items seemed to run a little small.
  5. 100% agreed! Of course, I've found that to be true of most of the "Go International" designers' lines. The only one I had any luck with was Paul & Joe.

    I :heart: :heart: :heart: Proenza's couture line, so of course I want to get at least one piece from their line at Target. I'd have to go to the store and try it on myself, though, since I rarely have luck ordering online.
  6. This makes me sad. I really want to buy one in the store but the weather won't allow me. I don't want to order online without trying it on...I am afraid they will sell out quickly.
  7. Wish me luck!
    I just ordered the trench in dove grey strip and the blue dress and the blue and dove palm print sweater.
    I also slipped in the rose twill blazer.
    I went a size larger, did the same in Benhar collection so hope they work.
    I will get them by thursday and if they don't work, I'll return on the weekend.My Target is 35 miles away. I like to try on at home anyway.
  8. I actually found them to fit true to size. If you're big in the chest though, you may not be able to wear the dresses.
  9. all the tops are true to size. not the dresses tho, i couldn't wear any of the dresses, they make my chest look so flat....very weird. However, i did get the bubble jacket which is so cute, luv it!
  10. yeah, they run about the same as the other go designers ... I got a 13 in a skirt when I am usually an 8-10 in mossimo there. but all of them have run small!
  11. damn, i cannot believe this stuff is on eBay already. i bought the colorblock dress & jacquard print cardigan. i found the dress pretty true to size, and the cardigan running a little larger. i am usually a 4/6 on top and i purchased a size 5 in the dress and an xs in the cardigan. good luck! and if anyone can grab me the bustier top i would love you!! ;)
  12. Everything I tried on ran TTS, except this coat. It ran 1 or 2 sizes big.

    I normally wear XL, and this is the L. I think it's still a bit big, but there weren't any M to try on.

    I bought this black kimono-ish top.


    And this ruffle blouse.


    I tried this cropped palm jacket on but didn't buy it. It didn't fit me right.
  13. I think they run a bit bigger than their previous Go International collection. For instance, I barely fit into a size L Luella biker jacket but I can wear a size L PS cotton blazer just right. That's purple coat that somebody just mentioned just run big no matter what size you are.
  14. I got the gray cropped sweater and the red and white striped long sleeved top today. They run TTS, IMO.