for those wanting a man or a new book, look here

  1. I just picked this book up at Borders the other day. It's called Bergdorf Blondes by Plum Sykes. I have to quote part of the book that fits this board :lol:

    "I've got a new, watertight method of selection. If you use the same criteria to chose a man that you would when chosing a handbag, I guarantee you will find one that suits you perfectly, " she explained."

    "Jolene's theory is that a man has many wonderful things in common with a handbag, like the fact that there's a wait list for the best ones. Some are two weeks (college boys and L.L. Bean totes), some are three years (funny men and alligator Hermes Birkin Bags). Even if you are on the list for the whole three years, another woman with a superior claim can jump the line. Jolene says you have to hide a really sexy one or your best friend will borrow it without telling you."
  2. hehe, i didn't end up liking the book that much, but part of that second quote was an away msg for me for a while!
  3. :lol: so true! I need that book lol.
  4. LOL, great quote! the book was a fun read too
  5. Definitely a fun chick book. I borrowed it from our local library. ;)
  6. that book is so fun. like candy for your brain. :smile:
  7. I read that was funny