for those that have med. & lrg PS1...

  1. Hello! I have and LOVE my large smoke ps1. Wear it pretty much everywhere, but anytime I see a girl with a medium, I have a little bag envy, lol!!! Also, I would love to have a smaller size bag so that I stop carrying everything I own just because I can. KWIM?

    So, my question is..which one do you find you wear more often, what are the pros and cons. and do i really need both??

    Thanks enablers!
  2. It's a good question and your not carrying everything I own just because I can is one reason why I'm carrying my medium a lot lately. I think I'll change to the large soon though.

    Perhaps it's a trend going smaller, I got my PS1:s XL->Large->Medium->Pouch :amuse:
  3. cute, lol. Thanks ellie!
  4. We're in the same place, OP! I love my large, but I've been drooling over the mediums! Though, I skipped and went to the pouch. I'm sure I'll be getting a medium as soon as I can.
  5. I have both, and I carry the same amount of stuff in each of them - typically, a money wallet, a PS wallet I use for cosmetics, a small pouch, sunglasses and two iPhones.

    Sometimes, depending on what I have planned for the day, I bring my iPad with me, too.

    The Medium just looks more "full" than the Large. I have a Large Smoke PS1 as well, and I have found that the leather is softening up a bit and starting to slouch at the base. I happen to like that look. My Medium bag looks more structured - perhaps because it is suede, but I think it's also because the bag is so full my contents have the same effect on it as stuffing in a retail display. With the large bag, some of my items drift toward the center when I'm carrying it and that causes the base to stretch out a bit.

    If I were trying to carry less stuff with me, I would go for the Pouch - there's a more appreciable difference in size between the Pouch and the Large PS1 and I can see them having two completely different functions for me.

    My Medium and Large are almost interchangeable!
  6. do you all think it's too similair to get a medium in military??
  7. No, I think those colors are very different.

    Plus, although the size/capacity isn't significantly different between the Med and Large, the proportion is different - so it won't look like you have two of the same bag.
  8. great, thanks!!