For those of you who own 1+ wallets

  1. I have collected 3 wallets (one for each line) and i love them, but every time i rotate my bags i feel stressed because i have to move bills, coin, cards etc.. from one wallet to another!
    is there a solution? how do you do that?

  2. Not really. I switch off between my mono billfold, Ludlow, vernis PTI's, Groom Compact Zippe and PTI and MC PTI every few months or so. The only time I switch in between times is when I'm carrying a small bag, then I'll switch to the Ludlow, billfold or Compact Zippe.
    I do solve the problem of coins though, by putting them all in my Cerises Porte Monnaie Round and transferring that from bag to bag as well.
  3. Bills and coins I remember easily. As to cards I only keep 6 cards in my wallet even if it has more slots so I know I have to have 6 all the time. Then I have one section for miscellaneous stuff which is something I know I always have to move. Thats how I normally change my wallet, I would like to know as well if someone has an easier way.
  4. I also do this with a plain mono rond and just move it from bag to bag also to solve the change issue. I would love a white MC cozy purse for this to match my MC stuff tho.

    Lately I've stuck with one wallet til it clashes majorly with my bag.

    I only have multicolore and a few monos tho- and I've found I just love having the multi to give the inside of my bag some color.
  5. Just keep using the same wallet for a couple of weeks then just switch to another. At least you can rotate the use of your collection without stressing yourself in transfering your stuff from one wallet to the other.