For those of you who loved the Neverfull lining...

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  1. I just saw it at the Chicago boutique... and they had a bag in the window displayed inside out! You can totally wear it that way!:yahoo: Although the SA said it's not technically recommended to do so. - It is cute, cute, cute. Although I didn't get one... because a) I'm *technically*:graucho: on a ban, and b) I couldn't figure out where I would actually carry it, because I'm nervous about the open top bags. But it's really on my list now that I know you can wear it lining side out.

    But I did get the mini pochette with the trunks & bags logo... that has that same cute lining. c'mon... it's a small LE piece. You can bend a ban for that right.
  2. I like the lining but I don't think I'd wear it inside out that's a little too crazy for me.

    Congrats on the pochette!! Can we see pics???
  3. What does the lining look like? I've never seen it before! I'd be too scared to turn one of my LV's inside out, though!
  4. Congrats ..pleas post photos...the lining is based on the trianon range ..I lvoe my poids plume & sac de nuit:heart:
  5. This bag is available now ?
  6. Any photos:graucho: Also do you have the model number of the pochette as the SA here has no idea what I am talking about when I enquired about this:confused1:
  7. Here's pics, including one with my cles, cell phone and keys comfortably inside.
    T&B_poch.JPG T&B_poch2.JPG T&B_poch3.JPG T&B_poch4.JPG
  8. It was on display, available and being sold at the Chicago LV, yes.
  9. Cool! I don't think you technically broke your ban...:graucho: The emblem is cute. The reversible bag kinda reminds me of the Coach reversible one, but it does make the bag more appealing! (More value!)
  10. it's soo pretty!! love the lining :love:
  11. awww I really like it! it's so cute!
  12. congRats!!! it is soooo cute!!! :love::love::love: cant wait 2 stop by at LV afteR my midterm on monday! :sweatdrop::sweatdrop::sweatdrop:
  13. Love the lining!! Congrats on the cute little purchase!!
  14. I love your pochette! Super cute! Can't wait to see the neverfull inside out, that's an interesting idea.