For those of you who can't wait til Christmas...

  1. Your gift registry can tell you if things on your list have been purchased. I sent my stepmom my Coach registry last week and I saw today that I am getting my pink Signature print ponytail scarf, BCRF heart charm, and the Jenni sunnies! :yahoo:

  2. Wow! LOoks like you will have a wonderful Christmas!!!;)
  3. I believe I set mine to not tell me. I would rather be surprised!
  4. you'll love the Jenni's...i LOVE mine!!
  5. that is just wrong!!!!! :graucho: you go girl!!!!! :tup:
  6. I hope they look good on me! My name is Jenni so I figured they should, right? :p
  7. LOL!!!!

    DH and I cut out the middle man and just take each other to the store to get each other presents or we know what we want and then bring it home and give it to them. We aren't very good at keeping secrets, pretty soon we'll be buying Christmas presents for each other for the next year on New Year's.
  8. :yes:Yup, that sounds about right! ;)
  9. You're a very baaaad girl :graucho: :nuts:

    I love your choices.. especially the blue carly.. TDF :woohoo:
  10. WOW this is a good idea for a wedding!!! OMGGGG
  11. Me too! Although now it's Jenn most of the time!
  12. A lot of people call me Jen but I just thought it was great that Coach spelled it "Jenni" instead of "Jenny", because I spell my name with an "i" too. :smile:
  13. well :p to you for having sunglasses w/your name. ;)

    I have the Samantha ones, but that def. isn't my name :sad:...... lol

    altho coach did have "candy" shoes or something awhile back right??
    (but i hate being called candy arggggh)
  14. Ohh congrats, lucky you!! Have a very merry [and Coach] christmas!
  15. Thanks! My stepmom is the QUEEN of shopping - and knows how much I love Coach. I owe her bigtime now!