For those of us who ordered Amore from Pulse

  1. I think there are enough of us on this forum to post a thread now of what we know about Pulse getting their stock in so we can get our new print!!! I forgot to ask when I spoke with them on saturday. Anybody have any updates?:yes:
  2. Casey said in a couple of weeks when I talked to her last week. So I'm thinking it really will be sometime around April 10.
  3. hey....they thread title sounds so exclusive. What about those of us who didn't pre-order? Ahem ahem*

    J/k I know you're not like that annieb
  4. As of Saturday morning they told me two weeks.
  5. NO, I'm not like that at all...I just figured nobody who didn't order their bags from there would bother wanting to read this thread! I wonder if I can change the title....I'm certainly not an exclusive ANYTHING! I don't know how to change the title...I just tried it would only let me edit the message. Sorry...
  6. Those of you who didn't preorder will probably be able to go out and buy yours before we get ours! :sad:
  7. I was told in the second week of April. So two weeks then? At least we get free priority shipping. Even to up here! Yay. I love receiving packages. Something exciting about coming home from a long day and getting a fun surprise. Well, not really a surprise, but a thrill. Plus, at least we don't have to drive to a store or leave the house, the bag comes to us. :yahoo:
  8. Just popped in to ask, how much do they charge for shipping? Thinking about preordering a Zucca since the stores here never carried it with the previous prints
  9. shipping is FREEEEE
  10. I hope they get it sooner than 2 weeks. That seems sooo far away :sad:
  11. Yes, that is what I'm hoping to hear from someone on this thread:yes:
  12. Unless they have another promotion shipping was only free until the 31st......
  13. and for bags that pulse was guaranteed to get...i dont know if all of them have been accounted for though...
  14. Does anybody know what is going to happen to all the Mamma Mia preorders that Casey took that aren't going to go through? I tried to cancel mine online but the website said :"This order has already shipped or has reached the final stages of processing. Therefore this order is no longer editable."
  15. I thought that she had tried to contact all those people. I would call her ASAP so that you can order something else or go to another store and purchase your mamma mia.