for the person who posted about not being able to open stam...

  1. sorry, but i can't find your post! i got my mouse stam today and had the same problem! i kept trying to open it with all my force and it wouldn't open! so frustrating! but my husband figured out a trick to open it and now it's super easy!

    with the front of the bag facing you (zipper pocket in front), put your thumb on the bottom of the left circle clasp and the index finger on the top of the right circle clasp. now twist your two fingers in a clockwise manner and the thing should open easily.

    does that make any sense? i hope it does!
  2. Sounds good so far! Do you have to pull up with your thumb while turning? I remember somebody had purchased a mouse stam and had the same problem.
  3. I didn't have to pull up at all, I just had to turn my fingers. I'm just happy I can open my stam now! :yahoo:
  4. I remember playing around with one somewhere, and that lock was indeed tight! Glad you figured out an easy way to work the thing! A girl here actually put a knife to hers to get it open... LOL.
  5. haha, that's actually the post that i read and i was trying to respond to, but then i couldn't find the post anymore :confused1:
  6. I'm having the opposite problem. When I first got the bag I could'nt open it but now it is opening on its own. Sometimes I don't even realize and suddenlty I see that it is open. I talked to the rep at NM about it and they are going to fix it, but she said she had never heard of the problem. Any once else experiencing this?

    Also, one of the knobs is starting to turn a little. There going to fix that too.