For the person that was looking for electric blue lower heel slingbacks...

  1. Ok, I got really lazy to search the numerous CL threads, but I saw these shoes and thought of the person that was looking for a lower heel slingback in electric blue leather not too long ago. I apologize in advance that I was unable to find the thread, but hopefully you see this!

    They are available at Barneys NYC.

  2. Just saw that shoe IRL and the electric (royal) blue color in leather is stunning....surely exceeded my expectations (from the photos showing that color on the New Simple). Have to say out of all the new CL's at Barneys NY this electric blue shoe was the only one that left an impression on me. Also saw the Declic black leather in 100mm and was incredibly underwhelmed.

  3. Oh great... yet another shoe i must have! (My poor wallet is :crybaby: but my :heart: is:yahoo:)
  4. OMG!!! thank you so much!! you're amazing!!!
    that is exactly the shoe i am looking for!!