For the perfect photograph...

  1. Hi everyone,
    This is my first posting...and I must say- What an addicting forum for an H lover! You guys are great! I apoligize in advance if my uploaded pictures come out funny.

    I thought I would add to your dreams for all you shutterbugs out there. It is not a new film camera but Leica released a special edition Leica MP "Hermès" in 2003. It is lined with Barenia leather. Only 500 were made and last heard selling for $8500!:wtf:

    Wouldn't it be cool to pull out one of these babies out of your H bag!
    hermesleica.jpg Hermes_open_box_medium.jpg Hermes_multi_picture.jpg
  2. ^^^That is a GORGEOUS camera!! Wow, I would be so afraid to USE it.
  3. Welcome Potiron! Love the camera!
  4. OMG.....that is just so beautiful!!!! And it looks like it can fit easily into a 35cm Birkin!!!!!
  5. ...or a 32 cm Kelly.....
  6. Wow! I'm sure I would break it within minutes though.
  7. Hey, I bet my DH would think THAT makes sense!! (and of course it does!)
  8. Welcome Potiron, what a GREAT first post and Love Your AVATAR!!
  9. Welcome, great camera!
  10. Welcome!!! Fabulous Camara!!!!!! & Gorgeous Avatar!!!!!!
  11. ...or a 28cm CHOCOLATE Kelly......if I leave my wallet out which would be empty anyway after buying the CAMERA!!!!!!!
  12. Happy to have you join us - Welcome!
  13. Thanks everyone for the warm welcome!
  14. Welcome and thank you!

    jfyi, Hermes does own part (or actually the whole) of Leica, hence the association. This is also why Leica have ads in 'Le Monde Hermes'.
  15. ^^ Oh! I learn something new everyday! Thanks, hello!