For the love of MJ!

  1. Today I was down in Philly attempting to buy a wallet and a girl in her twenties with an awesome Balenciaga bag approached me at the Chanel store. I then saw her shopping for a new bag at the MJ part of Neiman Marcus.

    She was undecided MJ or YSL Muse.

    She wanted a classic bag that would look nice but hold up with time. She picked a white YSL and a beige (tapioca) Marc Jacobs quilted Elise.

    I told her I'm partial for Marc Jacobs. I also told her that the zipper clicks and jingles when you walk and that you can actually hear your purse from far away.

    She loved it and bought the Marc Jacobs. Yippeee! :jammin:

    What a day! I'm converting everyone to this brand.
  2. I love MJ bags. Most of the styles are very eye catching.
  3. Oh ccgoddess vbmenu_register("postmenu_1582851", true); I love your zip clutch in tapioca, would you please take a picture of it, would love to see the actual color!
  4. :drool: I love that bag! But I wanted a shoulder bag. Ended up with Amanda :heart::heart:.

    Great story, so sexy, I got tingles and my eyes rolled back.

    YEP I LOVE MJ! :love: