For the Leather lovers and Ergo Tote lovers...

  1. I need some information about the leathers. Please tell me the advantages and disadvantages of the pebbled leather and the regular leather on the Ergo totes or on any bag. I'm trying to decide on a white tote and not too sure which leather is better. Also do you think the leather will be easy to clean? For the ones who have white leather, how do you like it? This will be my first all leather bag! Please help...Thanks!
  2. I just ordered the pebbled leather ergo tote in white. I did look at it and hold it in the store and it showed no sign of scratches. Pebbled leather is one of the most durable leathers.
  3. I've seen the pebbled leather too. It's very nice and the leather will wear very well. Out of my entire collection , I only have 2 signature bags (I just bought a Carly the other day) and I love the leathers. Just and FYI..I'm not positive, but I don't think you can use leather cleaner on the pebbled.
  4. I love pebble leather the most, especially the vintage pebble grain. IMO, the texture makes the bag look very expensive compared to some of the smooth almost "pleather" looking leathers. I was very happy to see they are releasing the ergos in pebble leather, and I think I saw a red or rose color on the Japan site...yummy! I do have a couple of Coach pebble bags like the ergo leathers but in diff styles, and they have held up well. However, I was told by Coach if I use conditioner or anything on it, it will collapse the pebble grain, and doing so will void the warranty. Truthfully, I have used conditioner in spots without ever having the grain collapse on me, but I wanted to mention this. As the other poster said, it very rarely scratches unless it's a vintage leather, and is so much easier to care for than Vachetta IMO. I LOVE the texture, and now I'm just waiting for them to release a color I like, and I'm sold!

    As for white, I only have white in Betsey Johnson and Tylie Malibu, not Coach, both pebble grain. I try to avoid white leather at all costs just because of dirt and yellowing. Don't get me wrong, though... I LOVE white, but it is ALWAYS hard to keep clean no matter what type of leather the bag is. I wear jeans most of the time, and I have a huge problem with jeans bleed on white or any light bag. That upsets me when I have a really expensive bag that this happens to, so that's why I don't have many. Also the Coach bags I have seen with white patent trim look yellow very quickly, but I think the smooth and pebble leathers do hold up well in white. I do spray mine with Shining Monkey protector to prevent the yellowing and make it a bit easier to clean, but it's still tough! Such a GREAT summer color though!!!
  5. I cant tell you too much about the pebbled leather - I had one an older Chelsea in pebbled leather, and while it held up great, I just didnt care for the look of it. I actually gave that bag away to a very happy recipient! I prefer the regular leather or the patent leather. I have the ergo tote in both patent and regular, as are most of my bags. The patent bags are awesome - so easy to clean, just wipe them down. The regular leather bags that I have hold up great too. Some are years old and they are still in perfect condition. I dont think you will be disappointed in the performance of any of the Coach leathers - its just a matter of preference as far as the styles go.
  6. I owned a white pebbled leather Coach before in the Chelsea style and although it was very elegant looking, I found white harder to maintain. No matter how careful I was, I wasn't able to keep the white immaculately spotless. When i tried to clean off a small stain, the stain was removed but left a conspicuously "bald spot" (is this what they refer to as pebble grain collapsing?) So I got rid of the bag (sold it at e-bay). Even with non-pebble leather, I found white bags harder to maintain. Sorry if these are mostly "cons" on owning white!
  7. Tried that very bag on yesterday, and it seemed as though the SA was almost trying to sort of tell me not to go for the white pebbled leather? I dunno...she told me that you can't use the conditioner or cleanser on it too...
  8. I just purchased a white ergo tote the SA told me just to clean it with a clean white t-shirt. No cleaner. Just an FYI
    Im in love with mine. I dont care how much I will get to carry it. Its fantastic!
  9. Pebbled leather is EXTREMELY easy to care for and very worry-free. If you want something white, pebbled is definitely the way to go!
  10. I agree, pebbled leather is the easiest leather to take care of. The only white bag I have is an Ali and I adore her.. one day she *may* get a stain or something down the road, but that is not going to stop me from loving her!!!! Good Luck!!!! :tup:
  11. Very good, knowledgeable replies! I'm also considering a white bag. This info goes against what I would have thought. I thought that the "pebbling" would cause white to look dirtier b/c the dirt would settle into the grooves.
    Does anyone know why the white leathers yellow? This would be the worst disadvantage IMO. That would bother me much more than blue jean ruboff or dirt.
    I'm considering the Madeline or Heritage Satchel in white.
  12. Thanks girls! I appreciate all your replies! Now i'm not too sure about getting white leather. I'm mostly scared of the yellowing. I'll just see...Thanks again girls!!
  13. i have the white ergo tote in non-pebbled leather. it is a bag from last year and there is no yellowing yet. i prefer regular leather over pebbled leather, i think it looks better.