for the calif gals..which NEIMAN, BLOOMS, OR NORDSTROM SELL Balenciaga?

  1. I know that some of the Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, and bloomingdales sell balenciagas, but by any chance, you guys know which one?
    any responses are greatly appreciated:yes:
  2. In so cal, the only ones I know of are Neimans at Fashion Island and Amarees in Newport Beach (authorized boutique)

  3. Rolexgirl, are you sure about Neimans in FI? I thought they were one of the Neimans that did not sell BBags--if they do, then I'm psyched!!! That's my homebase! :yes:

  4. Nordstroms Arden Fair (Sacramento) carries them.
  5. :yes:
    Wow larnette! I have met gals close to me here on the pf, but never from my hometown!!! Yes, it's true about Neiman's at Fashion Island. They just started recently carrying a good size collection of Balenciaga bags.
  6. Neimans in Troy Michigan have an amazing selection right now!! I was there today with some great PF'ers and there were some great bags!! Some great GH bags, a Blueberry Day, a TON of stunning bags!
    Call Lisa Hamlin today at 248-643-3300
  7. Beverly Hills Barneys
  8. I'm such a dork....I didn't read the beginning of the title....sorry!!! :shame:
  9. Neimans SF
    Nordstroms Sacramento Ardenfair

    Susan's SF and Susans Burlingame too. But those women are outright rude. And also discontinuing their Balenciaga collection after this season ends - they are not getting any thing in anymore. "Susan" has decided to move on...
  10. Nordstroms Arden Fair (Sacramento) Barbara is a great SA there. The number is 916-646-2400.

    And Nieman Marcus San Diego. Their number is 619-692-9100. Sorry I don't know of a great sales rep there....I always seem to get the horrible ones. Let me know if you get a good one.