For Saich

  1. here are the pics I was telling you about. the weather isn't really worn... just wrinkled, I guess.
    cherry1.jpg cherry2.jpg cherry3.jpg
  2. Oh right I see now, the bag looks like its been squashed for a while in the same position than this has caused wrinkle marks into the leather. The pleates do twist open like this to show the lighter cherry underneath. Perhaps if you keep the bag stuffed with tissue while not in use the wrinkle will come out a bit. Thanks Liti
  3. Yes, I think that is precisely what happened. One of the wrinkled areas looks like the spy wand was just smooshing it. Hopefully some of the wrinkles will plump up now that it is living free!
  4. I keep all my spys stuffed full of tissue paper, try that I think if the tissue is left in long enough it should have an effect on the leather. The leather, being a natural material should respond to this treatment. What an awful shame that people in stores have no respect for these bags
  5. Those air filled plastic things that resemble a ziploc filled with air work wonders for stuffing your bag. I'm not quite sure what they're called but I know a lot of companies use them rather than those styrofoam peanuts when they ship stuff to you. I think I actually got mine from a Zappos order. Everytime I come home, I immediately put them back in my bag. Maybe that may help your problem?