For POs from FSH, How Did Everyone Get Notified?

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  1. I tried searching for the answer, but couldn't find any threads about this.

    If you ordered through FSH, I think that you're supposed to get a letter notification. BUT what if the letter gets lost?

    Have people gotten notified via email and/or the phone? If through the phone, did you get the call from your SA and have a prior relationship? Or was it through an ordering dept?


    BTW, very Happy New Year to those celebrating Chinese New Year! Gong hai (and lots of) fat choy!
  2. when place PO, i choose got notified by email , my friend choose got notified by fax
  3. When you fill out the PO form
    You will give your residence address
    your email address as well as telephone number.

    You can inform them that you prefer to receive an E-MAIL as it is faster and safer than waiting for the letter.

    They usually keep the birkin in the store for 5 weeks, if you do not make payment or collect it, it will be put into the shelves to sell!:smile:
  4. nyyparis, ilovecocohanel - Thank you for explaining the options for notification. I was worried that the US Postal Service is not the most reliable - I was hoping that they would send via "registered" mail so you are guaranteed to get it.

    Getting an email is definitely better - it's definitely quicker.

    I called this morning to make sure that they will email rather than send via mail - the SA said that they email first (?). He said that the wait time is anywhere from 1 to 6 months.

    Thank you again!