for my bday from my BF!!!

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  1. This weekend my BF and I went and picked out my birthday present... I don't get it until June 2nd :yucky: BUT I'm still so so so excited!!!!!:yahoo:

    I'll post more pics when I actually get it ;)

  2. Cute ^-^
  3. Nice gift! He's a keeper. ;)
  4. That's a great bag and wallet. Your BF is a Sweety!
  5. I love that bag and the color. What a sweet guy
  6. Cute bag, I am pretty sure that i saw that wallet at an outlet yesterday :smile:
  7. what a sweet boyfriend...
  8. very nice gifts!
  9. The wallet and bag are beautiful. What a great BF.
  10. Happy Early Birthday! And Congrats on such great gifts!
  11. Love that set! The purse is so roomy and smells so good! I have that bag in white that matches the wallet. Love it!

    Congratulations!! What a sweet BF you have!
  12. Great Bag! Congrats!
  13. That's so nice! Congrats and happy early bday!
  14. Nice gifts!!
  15. Those are beautiful! Happy B-day to you!!! :party: