For my 1,000 post... help find me a TDF clutch!!!

  1. Whoohoo! I have 1,000 posts :choochoo:

    Okay, now that that is out of the way :shame:...

    I have a some great bags I adore but they're too big for nights out. I want something around the size of a Balenciaga clutch but without the hefty price tag.
    It can be a hand-held something or a pochette-type shoulder something. Does anyone know of anything fitting this description that they just love? Any suggestions are welcomed, I'm totally open! Thanks!!!
  2. That retrodelic one is very cool - love it in the green and the blue.
  3. Lauren Merkin makes great clutches in the $200 range...also Lorelei and R & Y Augousti.
  4. Hi, can anyone access this designer's website (mine can't -something about screen resolution):

    What are the details on the clutch, please? Thanks.
  5. ^ I can, but it took me to the homepage.

    I'm now on the clutch page - which one did you mean, pb?
  6. ^ Out of the ones shown, I like the Luka the best, personally:

  7. Thanks, CH. The message says I have to change my screen resolution (too low) in order to access the site's contents - is it safe to do so?
  8. ^ No problem, pb! :biggrin:

    I think it should be safe. :yes:

    But I'm no expert!
  9. D'oh - there's an option to "click here" on the site, so I've done just that. Thanks, CH :smile:
  10. ^ That's great! :biggrin:

    Which one do you like, BTW?
  11. The Tango.