For kphillips, comparison shots of ergo hobo and Hamptons Carryall

  1. Here are the photos. Let me know if it would be more helpful to have them side by side in the same shot. Anyone else reading - which one do you prefer and why?! Thanks!
    ergo set.jpg vday bag.jpg
  2. I prefer the hobo because that has always been one of my favs, of course you know that already :girlsigh:
  3. You are such a sweetie!! Thanks for doing this for me. I'll just admire both of them side by side and hope the decision just whacks me across the head!! If the Hamptons was priced the same as the Ergo, it would be much easier to decide!! The ergo hobo is $130ish and the Hamptons is $250ish.
  4. And yes, please offer opinions between the two!! For reference, I also am getting the Legacy Leather Shoulder bag in Raisin so if I got the Ergo Hobo, that would make two purple bags (although purple is my fav color). I don't really have much other color in my collection and have really wanted a nice red bag (my dream bag would be an embossed red leather Carly :love:).

    I have a week and a half to decide (my little sis is going to the outlet to pick them up for me so I can't even try them on and hold them and fill them with my stuff...which I always find very helpful while in the boutiques).

  5. I'm typically a satchel gal, but there is something about that hobo bag that I LOVE... I think its that belt that goes across that gives it that "pop"... IMO...
  6. I have an Ergo Hobo and a Hamptons Carryall and for the overall look, I prefer the Carryall. However, you can't deny how comfortable an Ergo is!!!
  7. I love the hamptons but I am partial to totes.
  8. your ergo set is soo pretty :drool:
  9. I LOVE your belted leather Ergo hobo. Is it Tobacco? I know Mommyville has one and it is beautiful! I want one so bad, but naturally when I decided that I wanted one, they are gone from the website! I really don't want to go to eBay, if I call JAX are they usually able to find a bag you want and ship it to you? Sorry for sounding so naive, but I've never called there for anything and I'm not sure how that works. :s

  10. Try calling JAX! They might be able to get one to you!:yes:
  11. Thanks! :flowers:
  12. Thanks! That's the plum. I got it last fall and paid full price but I know some were spotted at the outlets, and I even saw a few at my Nordstroms not too long ago.
  13. Both of the bags are great. Do you want a bag that can go on your shoulder? I found with the embossed satchel that it didn't sit well on my shoulder and it definitely didn't go on my shoulder with a coat on. Therefore, I would pick the Ergo, which can be carried in hand, on arm or on your shoulder. I also love the "belt", very classy.