for Kou

  1. from Miko's website

  3. one more

  4. OMG - Those H pieces are gorgeous!!! Every single one of them *drools*
  5. ACK! Kou will faint!
  6. This could be the end of Kou Fesdu! That Fuschia Croc Birkin is TDF. BH has that exact same croc belt--in case anyone's interested!
  7. O.M.G!!!!!

    *falls over*

    I want them ALL~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~:nuts::nuts::nuts::nuts:

    Fesdu, thank you for the fabulous pictures~~~ I think I have been officially converted to croc now:love:
  8. teeheehee..glad to make you smile! :heart:
  9. But I want them all now~~

    Say, is that croc Birkin porosus or niloticus? I'm trying to calculate how much the bags alone would cost and see how long I'll have to save for them
  10. LOL no instant gratification for you! especially when you want the virgin bags.

    I guess it's porosus. here is a pic of mika(did i get her name right?) holding it..

  11. It's Niloticus actually. The 25 Birkin looks positively yummy!
  12. They are just gorgeous!!

    Is this from one of the consignment stores in Japan?
  13. ^hehehe oops..can i go "edit" the post right now and pretend I didn't say it wrong?
  14. WOW! And look at all those Birkins in the background!!! :nuts:
  15. Ok, I think I want a fuchsia niloticus HAC 28cm now ... does nilo come in glazed and matte too?