For Kooba lovers...lots of new bags...

  1. Hopefully the link below works, Bergdorf has a few new styles (some are only pre-order though), including the Nina, which I know somebody was waiting on. Woo-hoo!

    Kooba Handbags -
  2. Thanks so much! That's what we have all been waiting for...That and to be able to afford all the bags that we want! Especially the Sloane in Slate...what a beautiful bag. I'm waiting to see what other bags are in that gorgeous shade.
  3. Thanks for posting that link, evilcat and welcome to TPF!:yahoo: That slate colour is gorgeous, can't wait to see the rest!
  4. ^^^ITA with ciatta- the slate color is HOT!!
    Not many great gray bags to my liking!!
  5. I am liking the Large Devin Hobo - yummy!
  6. ohhhhhhhhhhh i love! :smile:
  7. This is so bad... now there's more bags on my ever-growing wish list!
  8. Oooh
    Lots of pretty purses :biggrin: thanks for sharing!
  9. Finally! But beware anyone ordering. It makes me so mad that BG can't get their info right. The have the descriptions on the Nina and the Meredith twisted. The Nina has the chain strap not the Meredith, and the meredith does not have a lock closure. And they colors they show doesn't seem to match the bags shown. They say the bottom view of one bag is slate when it is actually black, so can we be sure of what colors in which bags they really have. No ordering here until I know exactly what it is I'm buying.

    Oh, and when you start clicking on "other views" totally different bags show up in different colors. Screwed up!
  10. Oh it is great to finally see some colors, I am loving the slate.

    Now, how to afford all that I want....

    -no steak this year, only baloney
    -no Graeter's ice cream, only Sam's club brand
    -sell all of my junkie handbags on eBay, bought when I didn't know any better
    -trade in my minivan for a moped
    -no vacation this year (yeah, like that is gonna happen)
    -or wait until I can get a deal *s

    One must have dreams.
  11. I tell ya, even doesn't let you enlarge all bags in all colors. They only show enalrged view of one color of each bag. That's irritating b/c to me a bag can look completely different depending on color. Sorry, had to vent that rant to my fellow kooba lovers!
  12. Your plan is no help to me at all....:sad:
    I can't give up steak for Baloney! Low carbing!
    I don't really like Ice cream
    I long ago got rid of all my junk handbags
    No one wants my Century Buick
    Used up all my Vacation days when getting my gall bladder out

    So we are both up the same creek! And we know there is no stoppin' us, right?? :p
  13. Here is the Kooba Bonnie,
    Cute! It was pictured on courier news and has no info....just the pic.
    And in white from plaza too, also no info:
  14. OMG my list is getting long. I must have! Gimme more yummy leather!
  15. Charlie on