For Bag Collecting: ALL Stam Colors, what's right for you?

  1. I want to have a full IT bag collection, even if a lot of the bags are just for display. (Or display and SOME wear. :p)

    A Stam must go in it, not soon probably, but it must sometime. (I'm so happy with my Amanda being my only MJ because it's in my top 2 dream bags! So that can be my main MJ carrying bag. Stams are special, mayhaps.)

    I don't know which color is for me. I liked Mouse on a quilted Blake. I like someone else's Almond. Mmm. The new topaz blue is nice, but I already have my blue MJ. Black is good. (Maybe in the East/West :angel:.) And I liked the burnt orange color on the Stam Hobo.

    Oh yeah and I also think EVENTUALLY I should have all or at least three Stam shapes. And I know I definitely want the Little Stam in Black.

    This could be helpful for everyone/anyone with similar thoughts to see pictures of your/stock various color Stams and shapes! (And full collections!!)

    I'm attaching some stock photos, but those aren't complete. :smile:
    2_stam_black_1.jpg 2_stam_cashew_1.jpg 2_stam_chestnut_1.jpg F06_Little-Stam-Black.jpg F06_Little-Stam-Mouse.jpg
  2. I think the baby stam is the cutest! I don't have a stam because the chain thingy looks too big and chunky for me. My fave color for this season is probably the white chiffon or the bright blue. Almond is also great, but I love creamy colors.
    I hope you get your stam soon!
  3. Now to Photobucket.. More Fall 2006:

    East/West Stam in Mouse, Cashew; Stam Hobo in Mouse, Chestnut, Black.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  4. So I was just thinking I'd like..

    Stam: Mouse
    Stam: Either Almond or Cashew (I can't see much difference right now!!)
    Little Stam: Black
    Stam Hobo: That orange color I mentioned (picture later)
    East/West Stam: Topaz blue*
    And new Stam with different quilting in Brown (it's on, I'll get a photo in a min.)

    But! * I don't see the regular quilted leather stams for Resort (like with the blue) in either East/West or Hobo! But when I was at Neimans the other week, I saw at least three types of Stams all in light blue, or so I thought! Help me out to find the answer! (It might be an oh, no!)

    Then I'd have to go with.. even more Stams LOL. (I'm getting crazy.) I guess I'd like an East/West Stam in Almond, (I'm starting to see a difference), but I could go for Chashew. Heh. Maybe forget Topaz. I'll definitely start with a Black Little Stam, but not yet...

    Okay here are the stocks for Resort quilted leather Stams..

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Stam in Topaz blue, Almond, Saddle Brown

    Little Stam in White Chiffon, Topaz blue
  5. Resort 2006 Stams with python snake trim (is it real?? I didn't even look at the prices, but NM's SA kept trying to show them to me) I know I won't be getting these! ;)

    Quilted Fabric/Python collection

    Stam: Beige
    Little Stam: Light Grey

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  6. Starting on department store Stam photos:

    Oh yes, this one must go in my collection. ;)

    Metallic Patchwork Stam :girlsigh: Bronzed brown (what's the colour name?)


    Well, I need to make more money!

    Oh and this is the Chestnut from before, it just looks different. It went down to $600!! I missed out! Darn. I didn't know I really wanted it. I should see if it's at the sale, but I'm so busy. (If anyone can scout this, let me know!)


    Aaaaaand that's it from me until I post some more for Spring.. I'd love to see your collections, now!
  7. bump for a cute thread! love the photos in this!
  8. thanks for opening this thread!

    I love the little stam in white chiffon!!!