For all the Diabro fans!

  1. I just got back to the good ol' USA from a short stay in Tokyo. I happened by a favorite store, I thought you gals would like to see what looks like in person.


  2. wow!
    Thanks for the pic. Which part of Tokyo is this located?
  3. oh my! look at all those bags! ahhh
  4. Cool! thx for the photos, I didn't know it was an actual store and not just an 'online' one.
  5. Thank you!!!! Finally, a face to go with a name!!!:drool:
  6. Hey there! Its in the BEST shopping district of Shinjuku.
  7. Wow thank you for posting these pictures!!! I must visit their store if I ever go to Tokyo!
  8. lol same here :yes: ! i thought it was just an online shop ! now i just wanna go there and spend a week browsing ! :yahoo:
  9. Thanks for posting.
  10. Oh WOW !!!

    Thanks for the photos - I was drooling at the balenciaga bags on the wall!

    On their website they show the outsides of their stores; but it is soooo nice to peak into the inside!

    I really hope to visit Tokyo one day. Working in the aftermarket automotive business I can hope that a manufacturer might one day fly me overseas - although, I don't know if I could take enough xanaax to make it through an international flight!! :sad: