Follow up to Large Yellow Kristin Hobo

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  1. So, I know I disappointed everyone because I didn't post pictures last night of my new bag. But, I took her back today because of the big scratch in the leather. Well, the store I took her to had 2 others, and they both had pretty noticable flaws. So, I just don't think that I could spend that much money and not be completely happy. So, I ended up exchanging her for something totally different. I actually couldn't be happier with my exchange, the pictures on the internet do not do this bag any justice!!
    I have never done a reveal before, so I don't know how this will go, but anyone here??
  2. Yes!!! Let us see!! =)
  3. Yes!
  4. let's see it!
  5. oh exciting!!!
  6. It isn't working!
  7. I'm here
  8. Are you on Photobucket...if you upload there...they have a direct image code that you just have click copy and then paste here. Hope that helps! =)
  9. ^^thanks so much, I am trying photobucket now. I have never used it, but I joined so we will see if this works!
  10. I'm here too!
  11. alright, well for those of you who are waiting patiently, I am having some technical difficulties. But, the bag I bought is the Kristin rouched leather drawstring hobo in navy!! She is a beauty! Not to mention, my favorite sales associate told me that they only recieved 2 in the navy, and that was all that they would be getting! Glad I got it!
    Hopefully I will figure out this picture thing out.
  12. k, think I got it!
  13. Here you go =)
  14. oh yay! kristin pleated hobo! Please do some modeling pics!