Folding Marks on Neverfull

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  1. Hello guys, I've searched for quite a bit now and couldn't find a thread like this.

    I store my Neverfull neatly folded into the sleeper and into the big LV box. I took the bag out today and I just realized that on both sides of the bag (right where she lays when folded) There were markings. They appear not to have any color, and they are barely noticed, specially when the strings are pulled, but I'm afraid that the canvas will break or tear there. I know the speedy and Keepall are stored the same way, so I was wondering if I should be worried or if that's just the way the bag works.

    I hate markings on my LVs!

    Well thank you so much!

  2. All my bags get creases too whenever I store them too long 'cos they're folded in the box.. That's just how they are I guess...

    If it bothers you , stuff your bag wit old shirts or use the bag a lot and the creases will disappear in no time :smile:
  3. that's just the way it is. the coated canvas is very tough it won't break or tear that easy. the creases will eventually diappear as the day progresses. but like LouisV suggested, maybe store it with a couple of pillows or towels if you can't stand the creases.
  4. :ty: I'm better now, I hope everything turns back to normal! I would stuff it, but then it wouldn't fit inside the LV box... I just HAVE to store it there.

    Well thanks again! Maybe next time I should just get a bag a little more structured so this wouldn't happen.
  5. yup - no worries, the creases will go away after a few use. :yes:
  6. Thanks! I hope so! Is just that I don't use it very often, so I'm worried they will become more and more marked. Well I guess not since the speedy and the Neverfull iare stored folded in the boutiques themselves. They wouldn't do that if that would damage the bag.

    Well thanks for everybody's help!
  7. I hate to be the neg(-) one here but my speedy still has creases and it has been out of the bag for months and stuffed and it still has creases. I know a few others have said this too. It doesn't bother me but thought you should know.
  8. I was going to say the same thing. My Damier Speedy has retained creases even over time but my mono Speedy lost the creases easily after stuffing it and using it a few times. Good luck though.