Fluo Bbags - how are they holding up?


LV & Bal Obsessed!
Jun 12, 2008
Toronto, Canada
Hey Ladies,

I wanted to know, for those of you that carry and use your fluo bags, how are they holding up? Have they gotten softer, less "plasticy" with time? Have you noticed any unusual fading or colour transfer? Are they prone to getting dirty easily?

I ask because I have been looking for a fluo rose city, and I think I may have found one. Just waiting on authentication!



Jul 9, 2009
Hong Kong
I moisturized my fluo bags so they don't get dry in our very humid weather here in HK ( was beginning to....) and have stored both piled up by 3's as you can see from my avatar pic and they are the softest smooshiest ever.
No fading or color transfer but then again,I don't use them with dark jeans, only light jeans and black or blue and light colored airy dresses.
Prone to get dirty? As with all light colored bags,just be careful as the leather on these babies are more delicate/ sensitive compared to calfskin or agneau ones. The base color for of these bags is white so you better make sure you don't get it rubbed against something.
Can't wait to use in S/S.
It's still very cold here in HK so I use my papyrus or black suede most of the time.