Florence Satchel

  1. This is the new Florence Satchel that has a strap that can be adjusted to carry it shoulder or messenger style.

    It's a standard squarish-rectangular messenger type style with a front closure flap, secured with the push type metal device (like is used on the Rio). It has two distinct interior sections, neither which has the usual back wall zippered pocket. But, I think the style works better without one. The back has the two pockets (cell and PDA) and the front is one open section. Both compartments have gussets on the bottom that expand to accommodate contents (as you can see in the photo of the bottom).

    I had them put a BE stamp on the front flap and add a deep slip pocket on the back (so it would be functional). I normally use the BE hole motif and would have opted for a small one but this leather is razor cut (for a "shredded" look that almost feels like suede) which will not handle a BE hole motif logo. Although it was described as "silver", it is a medium to dark gray color with no metallic cast; at least there doesn't appear to be any "glow". This leather does change colors, depending on the light. Guess it reflects off the lifted ridges (razor cut rows).

    You can also remove the strap completely and carry it as a clutch, which isn't oversized, but large enough for you to carry a small wallet, angel purse, protect me, coin purse, checkbook, keys, cell, brush and gum. (8-1/2" long X 6"H X 3-4" deep). Of all the convertible messengers, I think this one is my favorite. It would look great in any of the leathers.
    TPF Front.jpg TPF Back.jpg TPF Side.jpg TPF Bottom.jpg TPF Interior.jpg
  2. This looks lovely Larke...like a perfect date night bag!
  3. Really interesting leather! I would like to see this one modeled, too? Pretty please?
  4. I would love to see a modelling shot of this beauty.
  5. Very pretty! Looks a great bag for running errands or going out at night.
  6. Very lovely bag! I do like your choise with the razor cut leather..it looks very classy!
  7. How much bigger is this Florence than the Madrid? If I have a Madrid do I need a Florence?
  8. The Florence is quite a bit bigger than the Madrid, which is like a camera case. I will do modeling pictures over the weekend and take a picture of the Madrid next to the Florence. Deb, did you see the pictures of the comparison between the teal and the turquoise sheen?
  9. Here are modeling shots of the Florence as well comparison pix of it next to the Madrid. As you can see, this one is slightly larger and more rectangular in shape. Like the Madrid, you can remove the strap completely and carry it clutch style.
    TPF Modeling.jpg TPF Comparison Front.jpg TPF Comparison Side.jpg TPF Comparison Back.jpg
  10. Thank you for these pix!!!!! They really help, since I own a Vermillion Madrid. Now, I def do want a Florence. Enjoy!
  11. Thanks for these lovely modelling photos. I love the Florence it is a great looking bag. You and the bag look fabulous.
  12. The leather reminds me of my Alexander Wang bag I once had. Their company described it as "laser cut" or "velvet". Its actually a very durable leather!
  13. I too saw the Alexander Wang bags. I think that BE might get their leather from the same tannery but not sure. They don't keep any on hand though.