Fleur de Lotus Twilly

  1. I am loving the new twilly... it looks great with my orange birkin...

  2. Great colors!!!
  3. Absolutely gorgeous, archangel!:heart:Great choice! I am so looking forward to getting mine. :love:
  4. archangel, that is pretty. Congrats. :smile:
  5. WOW that is gorgeous...omg...I love pink and orange together!!! See you are all ready for spring/summer now and it's still winter! I bet you feel cheery just looking at that...I know I do!
  6. sure looks pretty!
  7. oh that is lovely! I think my SA called me to tell me about that. I hope it comes in a green for my ostrich kelly
  8. Very pretty, Archangel! I must keep an eye out for this when I visit the boutique next.

    What other colourways are available?
  9. Came back for another look- so beautiful!!!
  10. Guccigal - I was told it comes in 4 colorways

    - Vert Anis with jaune
    - orange and fuchsia
    - turquoise and bj
    - red-orange and red
  11. oh good! can't wait to see the vert anis for my vert anit ostrich!!! yay!
  12. Youre right! That twilly looks great with your birkin. I love the colors!
  13. She is so beautiful! What other colors does the Lotus come in?
  14. Lovely the twilly.

    Thanks for the colourways!
  15. Gorgeous colors:smile: