Flash player

  1. evertime I go on Vuitton.com I get this message:


    To visit this website you need the Flash plug-in, please
    click here to download the plug-in, and follow the instructions.

    Always leading the fashion avant-garde without compromising the traditional craftsmanship of luxury leather goods, Louis Vuitton's creativity extends to other spheres: ready-to-wear, shoes, watches and jewelry.
    With our e-shopping catalogue, you can also make purchases online. (In UK and France only)

    so I go on the flash player website and follow the steps and press on the download button But I still get the same message on Vuitton.com and youtube :hysteric:. So is there any other way of installing this because Adobe flash website obviously isnt installing it even though it says it is :s. TIA :flowers:
  2. stupid question, but did you just download it or did you also install it (by double-clicking on the icon that downloaded, waiting for it to unstuff (if this is on your powerbook) and double-clicking on the installer and following the instructions?
  3. Thankyou I will do that, you are such a help :flowers: