Flap with new chain

  1. I am a newbie here so you will have to excuse me if I make some stupid mistakes...:crybaby:
    I seriously want to get 2.55 reissue but after studying this forum for quite sometime, I realize that I have a very slim or no chance of doing that unless I wait for 2008 collection.
    As I was studying reference library, I saw a few pics of calssic flab bags with MM closure with new metalic chain which I think it's pretty similar to reissue(correct me if I'm wrong here) and I really like thos bags as well.
    Is that flap bag hard to get as reissues or would I have better luck with that bag.
    I want to know before I start calling all the stores so any advice will be appreciated.

    Thanks :tup:
  2. do you have any links to pictures of the particular chain you are thinking about? the reissues do come with an all-metal chain. there is also the recent limited edition 'bijoux' chain which is also hard to find.
  3. Actually either one is fine but I think what I saw was bijoux chain flap.
    My thing is that I can always get classic flap but these reissues, especially metallic black and silver are so gorgeous and I'm losing my sleep over them. Then I saw flaps with bijuox chains with some distressed leather and I'm drooling over them as well. Or should I just wait patiently till new collection comes out. Ohhhhhh~~ somebody help me!!!:nuts:
  4. Well dear, dreams do come true. I recently decided I wanted a reissue, but not just any reissue. I wanted a dove grey 227 from 2005 that is stamped on the inside flap 2.55 2005. I thought I would never find one, but with the help of this forum I did! I found a tPFer selling one and at a great price. So if you try you may just find one :girlsigh:

    But just like you I was going to resort to buying a black hybrid flap with bijou chain and mademoiselle lock. If I were you I'd call an SA from every store to search for you.

    That is still a gorgeous bag if you can't find a reissue and then I'd buy a different color reissue when they come out again in the spring time.