Flap Wear and Tear

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  1. Hello everyone :smile:

    Now that I have a little more time on my hands.
    I noticed some wear on the interior edges on some of my flap bags. Do you ladies have similar issues on your purses? Do you think this is from over-use? Or the leather is dry due to lack of conditioning?

    It seems to be happening on the leather pieces that's more stretched out inside the purse.

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  2. That looks like the paint/ dye came off a bit in small spots. Maybe due to friction or wear? You can try to condition it see if it'll look better and it might help darken those lighter spots. I use Cadillac leather conditioner on all my bags once every few month and so far has had no issues. Hope that helps :smile:
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  3. :biggrin: I just tried conditioning it a bit, I guess bags are meant to be loved. I used this one quite a bit.
  4. Just happens. If it starts to get away from you, you can always have it re-habbed by LeatherPros or Leather Surgeons. They can make that type of thing look brand new. It's a good sign that you are enjoying your bags. :smile:
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  5. Ooo thats a good point, this bag is reaching 5-6 years old and gotten lots of use. Its crazy the caviar exterior is still immaculate. I guesss there is no fear in using your items. :smile: