Flap crossbody vs mini bucket?

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  1. Hi guys! So I'm in a bit of a pickle. I've been eyeing the MG bags and I think I'm going to try to get my first one soon. I like the regular sized flap cross body and the mini bucket equally but I only want to get one. I know the buckets are more popular but what do you guys think? Which one will be more of a long term, can wear it for years type of a piece?
  2. I thought about getting a mini bucket too, but I didn't like the way it looks. It looks great on some people. So, I got the flap cross body. I use it a lot and love it. I also have a tote and planning to get a lady soon. I know buckets are very popular, but I don't think I will ever get one. That's just me though because I don't like the shape. I love MG bags because they are so clean and simple.

    Get whichever bag makes your heart sings! :smile:

  3. Which flap did you get (and color)? I'm worried about scratches :/
  4. I got the saffiano black regular flap bag. So, I don't have to worry about scratches. :smile:
  5. Unfortunately MG bags scratch SUPER easily with one exception. The option that doesn't scratch is if you get a saffiano bag, but they are exclusive to Barneys. The colors/sizes/styles are very limited at all times. You also have to pay sales tax for barneys if there's a barneys store in your state.

    In terms of crossbody vs mini bucket, I'd say the mini bucket holds more stuff but might not be as functional/convenient. You have to tie/untie the drawstring all the time for the bucket and it's really annoying to take your stuff out/put them back in. Safety would be a problem if you just leave the bucket wide open. The other thing about the bucket is that, the top edge would have these glazed cracks after you use it for a while, when you constantly tie/untie the drawstring. The bottom corners also get messed up. I had really bad cracks and sent my bucket back to NYC for a repair. Got it back, the bucket were fine for two days, and now the cracks showed up again LOL.

    I feel like if you are very worried about these little details, staying away from MG would be the best option. After all in terms of the MG price point, the craftsmanship/quality is not on the same level as prada/LV/chanel. The customer service is not that great either. I had to "yell at" them in my email to get them to fix my bag, and they told other customers on this forum that these defects were expected...
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    Thank you! This actually helps a lot. I've been on the fence because I know that having a bunch of scratches all over my bag will drive me crazy. I've decided against the bucket bags because yes they're gorgeous but I can't see myself being happy with it :/ I'm going to see if Barney's will have any of the flap crossbodies in saffiano. Or I've also been considering one of the flap crossbodies that comes in canvas. The caramello/beige canvas one is pretty but it looks like it would get dirty very easily so might go with black/black. Otherwise I'm just going to go with one of my second choice bags (the Gucci swing soho or LV favorite PM)!
  7. I personally LOVE the look of the vegetable tanned leather. It's meant to scratch, patina and get its own unique look. My brandy/avion large tote got scratched within 5 mins of taking it out lol but over time the scratches fade into the bag and make sit look so beautiful. I'm planning on getting a mini crossbody in cammello tomorrow at the relaunch. If you're afraid of scratching then go with coated calfskin instead! Those are also beautiful and have been treated so it won't scuff as easily.
  8. I ended up getting the mini mini bucket in flamma! I'm somewhere between 5'1" and 5'2" and I didn't want a bag that was too big so I think it'll be perfect :smile: thank you all for your help!
  9. I think it would be a perfect size for you!!!
    Looking forward to your mod photos.
  10. I have the crossbody in cammello and brandy and the mini bucket in cammello. If I had to get only one I think I would get the crossbody cammello because I can use it for work as well as on the weekends. The bucket style is nice for traveling because I feel it would be harder for someone to get inside the bag but it is a little too casual for my work.