Fixing the zippers on my denim's

  1. U know how sometimes after you've washed your jeans a certain number of time, the zipper doesn't really work so good anymore. Like, you try to zip it up, but halfway during the day, it starts to zip down by itself. Besides wearing tunics and long tops, is there a way I can combat this or even better fix it without going to the tailor?

  2. i would like to know if there is a way to fix them too. i hear the dry cleaners can replace for ~$10 but if there is a DIY way, i would rather do that
  3. omg, this used to happen to me with all my jeans and khakis from jcrew. It was so annoying. I had anxiety about this all the time, so I eventually just used a safety pin b/c I was a poor college student when I experienced this.