[Fixed] Strange spots on Monogram Canvas

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  1. Hi guys

    So a few weeks ago I noticed some very strange spots on my Keepall Canvas Monogram. Have no idea what it is/was and how it got there, but it was just weird. I freaked out because it was a really nasty spot and it didn't came off... Was my beautiful keepall ruined?

    (oh yeah, dont mind the waterspots on the vachetta. I like them :P)

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  2. After I tried about everything I finally got a solution and it was just so simple. I used my mothers magic sponge, but a little water on it and started rubbing. The unthinkable happened, after some rubbing the spot was getting smaller! (see pic).

    After about 5 sessions of soft cleaning the spot was completely gone. I was so happy but I'm still curious... anyone an idea what caused that ugly spot on my canvas?

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  3. did you try wiping the canvas with a wet cloth or a baby wipe?
  4. That's so strange! No idea what it was but so glad that you managed to remove it.
  5. I did, it did not help.
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    I had a similar milky spot on my Vernis wallet. My SA and I rubbed it like crazy with all sorts of microfibre tissues, wet tissues etc... didn't come off. We even began to suspect the stain was underneath the patent coating and impossible to reach. Only when my SA then got really brave/frustrated and began scratching the stain with her finger nail, it slowly but steadily disappeared. Maybe some sort of glue that doesn't come with water but with friction?