Fit of small love

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  1. I’m between a 16 and 17 but sized up to a 17 for my love bracelets. Been wearing the classic one for a year and a half now and very comfortable with the fit.

    I recently added a small love, also in size 17. I noticed it feels looser than the classic and tonight it actually slipped underneath my classic love while doing something. I also find that while my classic can turn on my wrist if I actually turn it, the small can turn on my wrist with MUCH less effort.

    I’m wearing and loving my new bracelet :love: just wondering if anything noticed the same with the small love.
  2. 48AF12D2-F0AA-4407-9B2F-24EF7EFD696D.jpeg 013730C4-90BD-40A0-8B70-FCA0BC8D6C3E.jpeg

    I have yet to purchase the small Love planning to do so in two weeks. But I have noticed that when they sized me for the classic I was a 17 and with the small they suggested a 16 because I too am able to turn the 17 completely around my wrist and In between also. Here are my pix first one 16 second one is Size 17 in the small Love.
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  3. Thanks for your response! The 16 looks like better fit in those pics for sure but I guess it also depends on how much movement you want. I find this all so mind boggling :eek:

    I definitely notice the small feels looser, I guess because it’s not as thick as the classic. Since I have the size 17 in the classic they didn’t even suggest sizing down- they said for the sake of stacking them you automatically go with the same size. I wish they made the small love a smidge smaller though knowing that the fit is different.....
  4. Thanks for your input. It’s definitely a hard decision.
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