first very first LV revealed....

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  1. [​IMG]I stood in the store torn between the Tivoli and Speedy and walked home with this.....
  2. ooooooooooooo i'm here i'm here!!!!!!!!
  3. [​IMG]
  4. It looks really good so far!! :popcorn:
  5. Open sesame!! Haha
  6. Yay, a goodnight reveal :smile:
  7. [​IMG]
  8. c'mon c'mon....lemme see lemme see...
  9. speeeeeeedyyyyyyyyyyyyyy yaaaaay....
  10. Drum roll please.........

  11. Yes I went with a speedy....however DH is complaining now. He just saw pics of the Tivoli and wants me to go back and exchange it. I want them BOTH!!! hahah!!!
  12. :nuts: Love your new Speedy!! Congrats!!
  13. simply ahhhhhhmazing... i lvoe it!!!!!!!
  14. Should I do it ladies?? Go back and exchange it??
  15. Congrats! :balloon: