First trip to Asia

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  1. I will be going on my first trip to Asia at the end of the month and I was wondering if anyone had suggestions on things to do/see?

    I am doing the following itinerary:

    Hong Kong (5 nights)
    Singapore (3 nights)
    Kuala Lumpur (3 nights)
    Siem Reap (3 nights)
    Bangkok (5 nights)
    Krabi (7 nights)

  2. Wow sounds like a wonderful adventure. Have never been to Asia but have many places on your list on my must visit list.
  3. Wow. That sounds like such a great trip for your first time in Asia!

    (I haven't been to any of those places, or else I would try to give you advice.)

    Have fun!
  4. Sounds like an amazing trip. I am def jealous of ya right there!
  5. Singapore: I would think its a must to visit our zoo. :smile: One of the best in the world. you can also visit to view more : )
  6. check out
  7. IMHO, I think 5 nights in HK is a lot. I'd do a daytrip to Macau - overnight trip not necessary. If you like Disneyland, I'd go too - not as many attractions but the lines for rides are short.

    Singapore- definitely do the night Safari, go to the Hawker Stalls, and of course, eat some Hainese Chicken. :smile:

    Kuala Lumpur - I did some city tour, visited the Butterfly Park and checked out Petronas Tower. I didn't do much there but eat.

    Siem Reap - stay at Raffles if you can. Lovely! Angkor Wat is awesome - you'll love it.

    Bangkok - eat eat eat. You can easily google what sights to visit and I second the TripAdvisor suggestion.

    Have fun!
  8. Welcome to Asia..

    HK - shopping and eating. The peak and the harbour are great to see. Can add a day trip to Macau, just 1 hour ferry trip to reach there.
    Singapore - eat those hawker's food. Visit the new casinos there.
    Kuala Lumpur - it's also about eating lol.
    Bangkok - nightmarkets, weekend market, shop shop shop till you drop. River cruise.
    Krabi- just relax on the beaches, water sports, island hopping, thai massage, etc.
  9. I think 7 days is an awful long time to be spending in Krabi, so I'd take a trip out to Ao Nang or the surrounding areas and definitely get a boat out to the Phi Phi Islands (where they filmed The Beach). You can take a local bus or tuk-tuk (beware that tourists pay more than locals). There are a few temples and hiking routes nearby, as well as national parks. Definitely try scuba diving or snorkeling in that area - the underwater world there is pretty amazing and still relatively untouched compared to the Barrier Reef or the Red Sea. In Krabi itself, we did a private river boat ride with one of the longtails. Just wander the shore area and you'll see a bunch of guys sitting around boats, negotiate the price and duration of the trip. Our guide even ended up taking us to a cave nearby which was pretty spectacular. The Krabi market wasn't bad either.

    I'd also give some recs on HK, but I believe there's already a thread on that in this forum. Apart from advice already given (Peak, Harbor, Kowloon, Stanley Market, shopping in Causeway Bay or Mongkok etc.), the other thing I'd highly recommend is a trip to Cheung Chau or Lamma Island (nice walks and great seafood). And I believe the general consensus in that thread was that Ocean Park is better than Disneyland (I've only been to the former so I can't compare).
  10. Thanks. I will actually stay 4 nights in Ao Nang and 3 nights on Koh Phi Phi.
  11. I agree with the information on Hong Kong, Singapore, KL and Bangkok. I've always enjoyed visiting these places (haven't been to the others though). I've found the people friendly, the shopping is fabulous, and the food amazing. Eat and shop, sightsee and then laze around for a while and contemplate all your lovely purchases. Have a wonderful trip!
  12. i love the food and shopping in hong kong. the peak is a must visit and i guess better to go there at night to enjoy all the lights. hk disneyland is also nice, not crowded. go to mongkok for girl's night market, just get ready to haggle the prices. i like going to harbour center mall in tsim sha tsui..its a 3 huge mall interconnected to each other and a great harbour view if you want to see the buildings of hk. and yes, do a side trip to macau to see the casinos as it is only a one hour ferry from hong kong.
    i enjoy the hawker food in singapore, and its cheap. sentosa is a popular place to visit in singapore its like a theme park with lots of things to do like bird shows, and beach.
    Enjoy and have fun in your travel to Asia.
  13. Seconding Singapore Zoo by the way, I have lived here my entire life and it's still one of my favourite places to go to!

    Not a huge fan of KL, but the massages are cheap. If you want to stretch it out further, maybe can take a 45min ferry to Indonesia. Not sure what your purpose is here though.
  14. I don't know about Ao Nang though, it's a very commercial beach area - pretty much where you would get on a boat to go to the nicer parts of Krabi. The beach at Ao Nang are brown sand and overall water's OK. It's nice but Krabi has so much better areas just 10 minutes away by long tail boat. While you're at Krabi, schedule a 5 island tour, it's pretty cheap and you island hop nearby islands, its a cool day activity. I think I paid $25 for the trip.

    What about Railey Beach? That's just 10+ mins from Ao Nang by long tail and it's got a nice white sand beach and not SUPER secluded. There's still small restaurants and stuff to go to and quaint seaside bars to lounge around in. Good amount of hotels there too, I think this would be a good choice.
  15. i'm from singapore and if you're a fan of shopping, you should definitely check out Orchard Road which is a prime shopping district. We have brands like high-street brands like Topshop and Zara to high fashion brands like Chanel, Dolce and Gabbana etc.

    Also, we have a new casino called the Marina Bay Sands, if u do visit it, buy a ticket and go to the top floor for the best view in Singapore. However, i'd advise you to go at night for the view would be even better.

    The top hawker centre we have here is called Newton Food centre which is a must-try since it houses most of the local delicacies. However, the prices will be more expensive than in the suburban areas. The Singaporean favourites are Hainanese Chicken Rice, you'd have to take it with chili to get the best flavor. The other favourites are Bah Kut Teh (pork ribs soup), Durian ( some say it's the King of Fruits, but be prepared since there's a very distinct smell), Rojak( some sort of a local salad), and Meepok (dry noodles).

    For sightseeing, i'd recommend our National Zoo and Night Safari.

    All in all, i hope u have a good trip here!