First time vintage buyer... but I might have made a big mistake

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    FF8C48D4-04F0-4181-B65A-81AB32365E8B.jpeg B5BF42B1-36FA-4AD8-BC84-6E0BBDB04737.jpeg 6F7BED40-FD69-42D2-9467-70A736634E27.jpeg AAB9E8F7-72B7-4C26-9D86-8010885E87E0.jpeg F14197F2-E5C4-4B16-B7B6-F753080B9F15.jpeg F908C53F-1D56-4007-B45C-D0F8DBC2C3B0.jpeg 9FE626B8-4BA7-40E9-B949-C511020321AC.jpeg A955F683-3564-4362-866E-A16477D2150F.jpeg FA702EC6-4DB3-4D5F-9E4F-DFDC0AA3CC2E.jpeg 23B4B9A1-1854-4B8B-87E2-7D43A5E4296A.jpeg View attachment 4247079 Dear fellow chane lovers, I just ordered my first vintage chanel bag from a hongkong seller on Instagram (who seemed to be very credible from the reviews). She claimed to have purchased all the bags from a reliable vintage seller in Japan. I was overjoyed with how well the bag was maintained given its old age (it’s a 0 series, so it’s 30+ year old!) But as she sent more pics after it arrived from the Japanese seller, I’m seriouly panicking because 2 things that I haven’t noticed before:
    1. The bottom and sides have no diamonds ( how have I not seen that before )
    2. The flap closure is a straight line instead of a slight curve like all the other bags.
    She explained that it was the specific style of medium cf from the year, but couldn’t find too much reference. I have asked her if she could send more pics so that I could authenticate it online before she sends out(still waiting for her reply) At the meantime I would like to share these pics in case if anybody knows about this style.
    I really regret not doing more research before pulling the trigger... I hope this bag is authentic, in which case I would probanly appreciate the uniqueness of this vintage style. (I actually found one post of the same style from the vintage library on this forum after I looked though 20+ pages.)

    Let me know your thoughts! Really appreciate it!
  2. Sorry I’m completely new here.. It seems my post was flagged as spam and I couldn’t edit...?
  3. There is a specific thread for “Authenticate this Chanel” where you can post to ask for expert opinions. But I think it’s for eBay listings, not sure if they look at Instagram sales
  4. Your bag is fine.
    In the future, you should post authenticity requests in the thread mentioned by the poster above, 'cause threads like these will be closed by mods.
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  5. Welcome, your post is fine!

    However, as mentioned, all authenticity questions are required to be posted in the provided Authenticate This Chanel thread.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.