First Time Purchase...Advice please!!!

  1. I am so excited! I have lusted after a Bbag for so long. I am getting one as an earlyish xmas present(depending on when it comes in) from DH finally!!! I am pretty sure I want the City, but torn about getting a fun color (blue) or classic black. What do you guys recommend for a first bag? I carry a normal amount of stuff in my bag...and the work seems a little too big, and I was worried the first is too small??? Am I right in my guess?

    Also, I am worried about sending DH to preorder it on his own...can he mess this up? Any advice on the correct technical lingo to make sure the correct bag is ordered?

  2. If you have a basic black bag that you love and use, then get a fun colour. Balenciaga makes the most amazing blues! I am a Twiggy girl, so I can't really advise on the City/ First/ Work sizes. There is a thread that is very informative about what can fit in which size bags.

    Once you know what size and colour, you will need to decide if you prefer smoother, matte leather, or more veiny/ modelled leather. It's totally a personal thing.

    I wish you well,

  3. Welcome to the forum ! ;)
    It's difficult decision... we all know:P . Black city is a classic and you can't go wrong buying it. But maybe you have got black bags in your collection so then,it's time for a change . I think camel and greire are very versatil color and red is fun! :yahoo: . You should go to any store that carry balenciaga and select the colors that you like or the colors than goes with your clothes.

    Good luck and again welcome!!
  4. hi!!! i'd say that black is always great, but i agree with bridget that bbag colors are amazing! also i love balenciaga blues! the first is ok if you don't carry a lot of stuff, i think it can hold the essentials like wallet, cell phone, keys, glasses, small agenda, pen, lipgloss and mirror. that's what i can fit in my first!! if you need more things then i'd say the city is better for you. and i think if you tell your husband the color and the name of the style, like first, city etc, he will do fine!!! you could also give directions about what kind of leather you prefer, like more matte or shiny...
  5. I would say black, white or greige. The First is small but the City and Twiggy are perfect, not too big and not too small. The leather on the new black and whites that I got is amazingly thick. The leather on my greige was not as thick but the color is just beautiful and so unusual. I really love greige. I want to get one in a Twiggy before they run out them. If you decide on greige be sure to specify whether you want gray or beige tones. The color varies greatly. My aunt went to BNY and said that some were really gray and some really beige.
    If you want color the rouge is gorgeous and it appears that so is Blue India. But keep in mind it sounds like there are some very nice colors for spring so you could go a neutral for your first bag then get a color in spring.:yes:
  6. Thanks for the quick, great answers and the link! Based on what's inside, I definitely need the City...I have too much stuff to comfortably fit in the First:smile: LOL!

    I didn't even think about the different types of black leather...does anyone have pictures of the smotther leather? I have only ever seen the veiny/shiny leather. Does one wear better than the other if this bag gets worn a lot?