First Time, Double Eyelids in Bangkok


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Mar 7, 2019
Hello, I’m Jan. I would like to share my double eyelids surgery experience in Bangkok to all of you. I’m from Singapore and my husband live in Bangkok. So, I decided to do it here because of price and time.

I’ve heard a lot of my friend has done plastic surgery in Bangkok especially nose and boobs. And, I have to do research in the internet about where will I do double eyelids there.

Firstly, the surgeon needs to be a certified plastic surgeon for my safety. Secondly, I pick the location that near me. Then, I consider about price and queue. I got SIB Clinic with Dr.Darin Moungthai. She suggested me to cut some excess eyelids’ skin and make it clearer and that’s all I need.

Before the operation date, there’s nothing to deal with. I just stop all my supplement. Then, I came to my clinic and the procedure took around 30 – 45 minutes. Now, my eyes are 1 month and I would like to share it to all of you. I’ll recommend my friend and you guys to here. Doctor and staffs are nice. Thank you for reading. 53181562_324107308310415_4997904909501202432_n.jpg 53188076_2437406789611821_3488114881507360768_n.jpg 53340168_156991161881777_5823510585727254528_n.jpg 53836702_550343488812148_7743539216771973120_n.jpg 53847927_1220465041454004_5160998325402468352_n.jpg