First Shoe Fall/Winter purchase!

  1. I will definately add these to the Louboutin thread, except I was so excited about this purchase I just had to make a big deal about it.. hence the new thread.

    Black suede Alta Ariella boots.. I had to resist the urge to buy in burgundy too :crybaby: but I just must be satiated with these for now. They are so comfortable! ladies?

  2. Gorgeous! They look perfect on you.
    I :heart: it!
  3. thanks mychillywilly! your compliment definately made my day. I cant believe I am saying this but I cant wait until fall to wear them. That probably wont be such a long wait here in seattle :rolleyes:
  4. Those are hot, and they look great on you. Congrats!
  5. beautiful boots and they look fabulous on you...congratulations!
  6. Gorgeous!! They look great on you!
  7. thanks ladies! I still cant over how really comfortable they are more than any other boots I own.
  8. ouch! those are hot!
  9. Stunning boots!!!!
    You are a Lucky gal.
  10. Gorgeous!!! Congrats!
  11. I love them! Congrats! They look great on you!
    I got these in the brown suede and they are so comfortable. IKWYM about the burgundy, I saw that color and gasped. But black is a perfect choice.
  12. Yes I am looking forward to colder weather so I can wear my boots too. :wlae:I can't help keep returning drooling over your boots. :drool: I don't know that they are available in burgundy too. BTW how is the sizes compared to other CLs, like very prive or rolande? I asked Barneys here and they are not going to receive any CL knee boots. Thanks in advance.
  13. I dont own any rolandes or vps. The shaft of the boot is pretty narrow so I had to go a full size up just like the decolletes. These are a 38 and my US7 mid-range width foot fits in a 37-37.5 for most CLs.
  14. I dont know how I let go of those burgundy ones.... but I needed to make a pratical choice, both for my wallet and my wardrobe ;)
  15. OMG! I'm drooling! The are absolutely stunning!
    btw how high is the heel?