First Reveal!! Lots of pictures!!


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Jun 19, 2009
So I basically lurk around the forums but I've never posted pictures because .... welll quite frankly .... I don't know how to! I hope this works though!

My first RM purchase! Sunshine MAM. She's soooo smooshy and cute now!

Then I had been DYING for the Wine Nikki. I finally got it after stalking her for a few months. She's everything I wanted....ahh

After the two....I sort of been going crazy and buying lots of RM's (the last 4 are all from this month!) I need to be on BAN!

Pool MAM. I am still trying to break her in little by little. I love her strap because it makes her SO versatile!



should be BANNED
Jun 19, 2009
And then my Nao wallet from a friend for my birthday!

I scored a creme basketweave MAM. She came in today!

Finally, I got a MAC yesterday! It was the reason why I fell in love with RM's bags in the first place!

Group shot! The MAM's

And all together!!

:yahoo: They make me VERY happy!


May 16, 2008
The BW is soooo pretty, kathy!! The cream on cream is def. my FAVE of the new BW bags, nice score!! You have done a great job covering your styles and colors here (MAC, Nikki, MAMs, wallet...)

And the envy leather looks positive edible.

And again:

PS: Your dog is A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E. I :heart: doggies so much. :tender:
Mar 19, 2008
Pacific Northwest
Your collection is sooo cute!!! Congrats and welcome into the crazy RM addictive world! (which reminds me I shall do a collection thread of my own after my two SOs lol)

Happy Birthday to you too!! :smile:)