first reveal.... and disappointment

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  1. ill start with the reveal since that mostly good :smile:

    oops. i guess the pictures need to load up first....
  2. the box! i practically ripped it out of the poor postmans hands!
  3. Teal MAC what don't you like about it?
  4. [​IMG]
  5. the last picture shows the clasp. it sticks and does now allow for the ring to hook on :sad: my first RM that was purchased brand new - and i cant even use it. sort of takes the fun out of this :/
  6. The clasp came broken send it back!!
  7. im going to. it just stinks that it came like that to begin with. i emailed them already about the return process to AA. i just need it back asap since i'm leaving town!
  8. Oh no!!! So sorry that happened to you!!! Do you love it otherwise?? Hopefully it's replacement comes quickly!
  9. i do. i think i will be more excited about it once a non-defective one shows up to me. its a bit hard to be excited it when ill just be sending it back! im SO glad i paid for quicker shipping so I had it for tonight when i cant even use it :/
  10. I'm sorry that your new MAC came damaged! Have you tried pushing the clasp closure to where it closes? Because I have two straps that one stays but I just push it to close and it's no big deal? If not, I hope you get a replacement right away, the teal is gorgeous!
  11. Sinfully: I recently received a WINE MAC that had a defective strap. I had to contact RM directly for a replacement. I received it within a week of contacting them.

    I ordered mine originally thru Shopdressonline. **They were not helpful with the defective order** (But I'm sure that AA will be - There are super awesome!!)

    Good Luck!
  12. That's terribly disappointing! Hopefully you can get that clasp to close or get a replacement soon...
  13. Sometimes the clasps stick if you push back too doesn't mean it's broken or unusable.
  14. it wont even let the hoop the bag through it.
    if get something from AA by monday evening about it ill just contact RM and see.
  15. Aww I am sorry.