First Prada

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  1. pretty! congrats!
  2. I love that bag!!! Joanna at the Hawaii boutique has it in dark gray for $1315. Check out the fall pictures thread.
  3. I need to get in contact with this Joanna -- I have heard alot about her, but being a newbie here I have yet to talk to her. I am planning on ordering the camel color so I wonder if she has it at that price -- it retails for $1,650 @
  4. CMUmom - you should just call her at 808-921-0200 and check with her. good luck! :smile:
  5. Thnx much!! :tup:

    Would still appreciate any and all comments about this bag and if someone has seen it plz post the pics.
  6. Great choice - can't beat a classic Prada bag. Post pictures when you get her!
  7. Just pre-ordered her today --- will post pics when she arrives -- I can't wait!!:yahoo:
  8. Congrats, getting it in the Pietra from HI, when it arrives.

    Please post pix of your bag when it arrives, so we can all drool over it :smile:
  9. Just checked the Sak's website -- it's no longer available -- that was fast. Glad I pre-ordered today. Plz post pics of yours when it arrives from HI :smile:
  10. Oh wow sold out at Saks?? They haven't received the Pietra in yet, still waiting :sad:.
  11. Can't wait to see your pics of this bag!
  12. I am on Joanna's list for this bag too. I'm still waiting to hear from ryrybaby12 on if they will be getting the satchel version which I think I may like better. I love the gray color!!!!

  13. I will post pics when I get it -- still can't believe it sold out online before being released -- says it is due to ship Aug. 30th so hopefully you get your bag from HI around the same date if not sooner -- don't forget to post your pics -- would love to see it in that color!! :smile:
  14. Joanna is checking with her buyer...but I know for SURE that NM is getting Lisa may be next on our list!