First or City, for a night out

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  1. Any First owners ever take their bags out dancing/worn messenger style on the dance floor? How does that work, look?

    Same question for City owners. Not the best use for this bag I know but since I appreciate the extra room I though I'd ask if the City could work for this.
  2. I would not take the City - too cumbersome and awkward. I think the First is much better for clubs and such.
  3. So does the First look good messenger style when dancing? I haven't seen any pictures of it worn this way.
  4. i have brought my city and first for a night out.. i have to say, city was a little akward to dance w/ *_* haahah... and the city is perfect, but i had my white first.. i was getting pretty paranoid!
  5. I think the City is definitely too big for a night on the town. When I go out (which isn't often these days), I prefer to carry just a wristlett. It's just big enough for my esentials.

    Probably a matter of personal taste, but when I'm out on the dance floor, I don't want to deal with my bag. I'd find even the First too cumbersome.
  6. Definitely the First
  7. Definitely the first over the city. But then, I still wouldn't carry the first messenger style when dancing, I'd find it too cumbersome
  8. The First.. But either way, I would check in the bag at the door. I wouldn't want sticky drinks spilling on it.
  9. Hmmm...what about the Shoulder style Bbag? I've never seen one though and don't know how hard it is to get?
  10. i think the firsts would be better for clubbing, i wore them messenger style, because my firsts are fbfs. i've gone once or twice clubbing with my ciyt, i wore them messenger style too, but it's too hassles actually especially because i tend to jumping around all the time when dancing :p
  11. City is too big for going out clubbing! I've tried it, and it was annoying.
  12. I'd agree the city is too large for a night out. In general I'd think it'd be a bit worrisome to bring bbags to a club cuz you never know if any drunkard will bump into you, scratch your bag, or pour their sticky drink all over it. And at certain places - you'd have to worry about people's cigarettes burning a hole in your bbag and just the lingering cigarette smoke smell afterwards.

    I once saw a girl bring her city to a bar/club. It's basically supposed to be a bar, but there was a dance floor and she looked like she was so stressed out the entire time and not able to go out and just dance and enjoy!
  13. I take my black First for a night out, but I usually take my LV mini papillon or pochette to go clubbing. I prefer the smallest bag for clubbing since I only bring my ID, cash, lip gloss, and gum. :party:
  14. First all the way! I take mine for nights out, dancing etc. its the perfect size.
  15. I know this may is a silly question but what das fbfs mean?

    In my opinion the city may be too big for clubbing, even worn in messenger style. Because like mentioned before, you don´t know if someone behind you can has a drink or cigarette which may get in contact with you bag.