First Noe!!!

  1. Thanks to Irene, I have been obsessed with finding my dream Noe - the red with blue trim. I've been dutifully checking eBay daily but haven't had any luck at all. Then, today, what do I find???? This auction (hope this link works)!! :drool:

    So I was debating with myself, "What do I do, what do I do? The price was a little higher than I wanted to pay, but the bag seems in great condition (even comes with the dustbag), the seller has great feedback and is MyPoupette certified, the bag seems authentic...."

    Finally, I couldn't stop myself.... I hit Buy It Now and the bag is on its way! :yahoo: :nuts: :heart:

    Now that I've done the deed, can anyone give me some feedback? This is my first eBay LV purchase and I hope I've done ok! Perhaps even more importantly, can someone else vouch for the fact that the bag seems authentic?!?
  2. First of all, CONGRATS!!!:yahoo:That is ONE GREAT LOOKING NOE!!! Yes, the bag in the photos is authentic and appears to be in GREAT condition too! I think the price is fair considering the color combo is discontinued and condition of the bag is mint! Welcome to club Noe!:graucho:
  3. Congrats! I'm another person that loves the Epi Noes after seeing Irene's. Can't wait to see your pics!
  4. Gongratulations! The Noes are gorgeous!
  5. Congrats!! I just got my first Noe the other day and I'm really happy with it. I hope you love yours as much as I love mine!
  6. Congrats!!! Beautiful bag!
  7. Congrat's, great purchase.
  8. you go girl!! congrats on the awsome dream noe and for hitting the bin!!! can't wait for you to show us pics!!
  9. Congrats! Noe's are THE AWESOME!
  10. I am just stopping in to do this :yahoo:AGAIN!!!!!!
  11. Soooooo good looking!
  12. wow so beautiful!! looks like its in GREAT shiny and new...,mmmm
  13. Thanks I'll go crazy waiting to receive her in the mail!!!! But I know SHE'S MINE!!!!! :yahoo: :heart: :wlae:
  14. Congratulations! Beautiful Bag!
  15. Congrats on your new Noe. I want to be part of your club.