First Minkoff

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  1. I just received my very first Rebecca Minkoff bag. It is the Morning After in Navy Luxe and I really had tears in my eyes when I first opened the box. This handbag is so beautiful :yes:- I really cant describe how I feel right now. Just want to thank everyone for their posts in helping me select a wonderful handbag!
  2. Aww! Tears?! Did you get the full size or the mini? I want to see pics!!!
  3. Aaaaw, I'm so happy for you! It's always "magic" when you get a new bag that you really love... enjoy it and wear it in good health! :heart:
  4. Aw! You are too cute!! I usually get teary eyed when I open my credit card statement, but this is even better!! Enjoy your gorgeous bag! Good choice for your first RM, and yes, we need those pictures!!
  5. Congrats!!! I'm happy that it was :heart: at first sight!

    (baghag, you crack me up!)
  6. Congratulations! Please post pictures for us. We love purse porn around here!

    And baghag... LOL!!! You are hilarious! I laugh mostly because I understand the feeling, Nikki Queen :queen:
  7. Congrats on your first RM!
  8. latisa: YAY! congrats on your new and first RM!!! I remember the feeling of receiving my first RM - it is the best feeling ever!! We gotta see some gorgeous pics of you and your new bag ;)

    HAH! baghag you're too funny hahaha
  9. Latisa Congrats!!! Awesome bag and color... Enjoy ...Please post flickz ASAP..
  10. Congratulations! Post pix, and modeling pix too!!!!
  11. So exciting! Congrats!
  12. Congrats!!! Baghag, i am right there with you!!
  13. Congrat Congrat!
  14. Aw, so sweet to hear. Congrats! and please post pictures!!!
  15. I saw her bag and it's soooooo pretty!! Now I want one.