First Marc Jacobs Bag: Recruit Regular Saddle Bag

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  1. I solemnly swear I was going to Nordstrom to return some stuff I have been accumulating since Christmas (my nearest store is over an hour away and three things have disappeared in transit when I send them back via their return label). I ended up coming home with the Recruit Saddle Bag in the regular size. I saw her sitting on the shelf and my fatal mistake was taking her down to look at her further. The leather is so soft!! The only downside is it is heavy! I like the little back slip pocket. It reminds me of the ones on the Chanel flap bags, plus my Galaxy S5 in an Otterbox fits in there with room to spare!! I got her on Friday and have already received several compliments and one "stalker". The biggest compliment was from a SA at the Coach boutique and this morning a lady stalked me through Trader Joe's and finally said to me in the parking lot "I am sorry for following you around, but I must know what bag that is!":lol: I took off the logo disc with the huge ball chain on the side, it made too much noise for my liking and added weight to the bag.

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  2. Ooh, the leather does looks lovely! Nice choice! :smile:

    Does that back slip pocket fit a phone + case? How does it look?
  3. Here it is with my Galaxy S5 in an Otterbox case

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  4. Congrats! :smile:
    It's a beautiful bag!
  5. Cute! You know you have a great bag when you get bag stalkers :lol:
  6. Inside pic? :smile:
  7. Here is the main interior. It is a dark maroon fabric.

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  8. Thanks! So it's 2 compartments in the front and one zippered in the back?
  9. Yes. Plus the slip pocket on the back of the bag, small zip pocket on the front flap, and the flap unzips for a hidden pocket that goes all the way to the bottom of the bag.

  10. Ah, like the Natasha.
    He's always been great with compartments!
    Very practical :smile:
  11. Hi! I just got myself the very same bag and I am in love[emoji7]
  12. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1464542939.502093.jpg
  13. Ohhhhh I love it! Great pics! Thanks for the details on the inside and slip pocket!
  14. Thank you for the pics! I'm gonna put this on my list 8)
  15. Me too!! Luv it!!
    Got it on sale in bloomies for $187
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