First manicure ever! Please help :-)

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  1. To make a long story short, I recently stopped biting my nails after decades of abuse. I am now extremelly embarassed about the apareance of my nails and really need a manicure.

    So, I'd like to ask... how long do I have to grow my nails before the appointment (I want a "sports" cut -ie shorter and with round ends)? What do I do once I'm there? What will they do to my nails? Also, will they get rid of my cuticles??

    ... I am at a loss and feel too embarrassed abut the whole thing to ask anybody... so any comment is most welcome... thanks a lot for all your help, you guys rock!
  2. Don't'll have a good time.

    First you go there and pick a color you want your nails to be. If you just want clear, then you can just tell them clear.

    They will ask you if you want to cut or file and what shape. I usually just do cut because I like my nails short. After they cut, then they file the edges down. Next, they buff, cut cuticles, massage, then put base coat, 2 coats of color, and then top coat. Then you're have pretty nails!
  3. you will love it, trust me!! :yes:
  4. You can go no matter how long your nails are. Even if they are very short, they will make them look neat and then while they grow longer they will keep the nice shape!

    A good manicure place will only push your cuticles back rather than cut them off. Cutting them off is bad because it lets bacteria in. If they try to cut them off tell them you'd rather just have them pushed back.

    I used to bite my nails also and broke the habit a few years back. Congradulations!