First LVR Order!! HELP PLZ

  1. hi everyone..
    so I finally decided that i'd like to buy a bag from LVR (rouge vif day or first /not yet decided):yahoo: :heart: :heart:
    As ive never bought anything without seeing(or feeling;) it before, im really nervous about it..
    Will they try to choose the kind of leather I prefer, if i ask them too?
    Is this even possible?! Do I just tell them in my order email?

    Thanks in advance :flowers:
  2. Hi! I emailed LVR last week about a grenat City and they answered my emails very quickly. I ask if they could pick me a bag with smooth leather and their customer service agent Mari emailed me photos of two different bags (you can see the pictures in another thread: "help me pick a bag"). Mari was very nice and helpful so don't hesitate to email your preferences, I'm sure that they will help you! :yes:
  3. Forgot to say, they only have the First in truffe, camel and sapin. Unless they haven't received more bags since last week, of course. The did have City in rouge vif though. Ask them to send you a pdf of their current stock!:idea:
  4. thanks bag1234
    that sounds really good...i was just so scared to get a bag that I dont love!:shame:
  5. I think LVR was overloaded with PF girls ordering a couple of weeks ago! I wasnt crazy about the emailing back and forth thing regarding availability, price, etc and paying thru PayPal, but I would have to say I was VERY happy with my 3 Planet/Boobie purchase. It came VERY fast and wrapped nicely in a LVR box with tissue paper and ribbon. Nice touch. And I was given tracking info right away. It was a bit stressful waiting for my order to be confirmed, but I was very happy with my items.
  6. hi girls do you know if LVR are going to have the new colors mid december?
  7. what is LVR and what is their email address and site?!
    thanks a bunch