First LV event - gift and loot pics!

  1. Hi all!

    Yesterday I went to my first LV cocktail party and I had a super time! I had recieved an invitation for their event in november, but I couldn't go then, so when I recieved another invitation, I couldn't miss out. Here in Belgium, there are 3 LV stores and the party was at the main store in the capital city, Brussels.

    When my BF and I arrived, we recieved a super sweet gift :yahoo:Pic will follow! We recieved a glass of champagne and started to look around. I saw lotsa things:
    - the new floating keepall with black straps, in a water tank
    - all the Olympe bags: sooooooo pretty, but a bit too expensive at the moment (I just bought a new car)
    - the LVOE totes
    - all the new MC bags, including the Marilyn with pink croc leather trimming :drool: just gorgeous, but it was over 3000 euros for a small bag
    - Dentelle speedy, wallets and Fersen
    - there was a LV perfume! :wtf: My SA said it was really new. It smelled very fresh and nice.

    The place was really really crowded, so I couldn't take any pics... Of course, there were a lot of men and ladies with LV bags. I saw a lot of speedies, Saleya Azurs, a gold Kirsten (first one I saw IRL :drool:), a lot of MC speedies, a large Denim Cabas Rayé, a Cerise Sac Plat and a lot of random pochettes.

    Now... for the pics!! I'll put them in the next post and I'll try to hurry.
    Thanks for reading! :heart:
  2. Ok, so now my pics!

    First one of all the cute little boxes... The upper left bag is the LV gift.

    Second pic is the gift! 2 cute little leather adress tags :heart: We could go upstairs to heat stamp them, but because everyone wanted to do so, I told my SA I would come back soon.

    Usually, I don't have a regular SA, but now I found her! She's really the sweetest SA I've ever dealt with. She was kind, patient and really helpful the whole time. She showed me everything I asked to see and helped me choose. She also told me she would inform me when the winter stuff came in and gave me her card.

    Third pic is what I brought home!
    - A black MC pochette :heart: I've been wanting one of these for a long time, but just never bought one. I love the color combo on it.
    - A 4 key holder in Vernis Framboise: it was the last one :wlae: I'll put my brand new car key on this pretty baby.
    - A set of 2 pairs of Inclusion Bubble earrings in light and dark pink: also the very last set in the store :nuts::heart:

    Thanks for looking!
    boxes.JPG gift.JPG my loot.JPG
  3. Those address tags are so cute. I had mine heatstamped with my dog's initial for his Sac Chien.
  4. congrats! I also went to my first LV event yesterday and also enjoyed the drinks and food and of course the bags :smile:
  5. Congrats- the little address tags are adorable! Love your new MC pochette as well!
  6. congrats, i love the colour combo on your pochette too. It was lovely of them to give you the gift, glad to hear you had a good time.
  7. Sounds like you had a great time - love the colour combination of the pochette also - the turquoise in the centre is brilliant. Nice mini luggage tags too, but what is the floating keepall? I have never heard of that before...
  8. Congratulations! I want to hear more about the Louis Vuitton Perfume! =-D Maybe it's just another VIP gift? :sad:
  9. congrats!! im glad you had a great time! :smile:
  10. Congrats!
    I love especially the MC pochette.
  11. Seems like you had a ball! Congrats on your new purchases too :biggrin:
  12. oooh it sounds like you had a great time! The luggage tags are soo nice!!
    Great new LVs aswell!!! Love the key holder congrats!!
  13. Hehe~love your new goodies!! Especially the keyholder:p:p, I got a pomme one a few weeks ago for my new car too, Love it!!!!
  14. I'm so glad you enjoyed yourself & got those great LV's - I'm waiting to hear about the perfume & the floating bag too.
  15. I am so glad you had a fab time! Congrats on your invite and you bag!:drool: